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Quilt Preparation Check List

Before sending a quilt top for longarm quilting, make sure you have finished the quilt with the following considerations in mind:

The Top

  1. Square the quilt top.
  2. Stay stitch 1/8” from edge if border is pieced.
  3. Seams checked for gaps and/or loose stitches.
  4. All loose threads trimmed.
  5. Seams pressed flat.
    NB: For 'In-The-Ditch' quilting, press seams consistently to one side only for best results. Seams pressed open cannot be quilted 'In-The-Ditch'.
  6. Top left hand corner of quilt identified, if required.

The Wadding

  1. Ensure wadding is 8” longer and 8” wider than quilt top.

The Backing

  1. Ensure backing is 8” longer and 8” wider than quilt top.
  2. Square the quilt back.
  3. If backing is joined then:
    • Check seams for gaps and/or loose stitches;
    • Remove selvages (from seams only);
    • Press seams open.
  4. Top left corner of backing identified, if required.
  5. Press.

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